Popp Family // Holiday Family // Houston, TX / by Melissa Fitzgerald

This family is so very dear to me.  I've known Amy since our glory days promoting downtown when our work was peppered with fashion shows, Four Seasons breakfast meetings, the finest champagne and lots of laughter.  It was near the end of those days that Amy started to grow her family from two to three and she kindly asked me to be their family photographer.  I'd never taken photos of a baby before.  I'd barely taken photos of people in general.  I was still shooting on semi-automatic, only had one lens and thought sunset was the only time of day that anyone could shoot, period.  But she and her sweet husband, Steve, gave me a chance and their pretty faces launched my career in family photography.  Their family has since grown from three to four and I feel so lucky to have captured this growth over the years.  Without giving too much away, here is a quick preview into their holiday session that I couldn't be more in love with.  To the Popps, thanks for being so special, I truly can't thank you enough.