Ordner Family // Lifestyle Newborn // Katy, TX / by Melissa Fitzgerald

Oh my goodness. How I loved this shoot and working with this sweet family.  Cristy and Eric are past wedding clients of my fiancé, Joseph, so I'd seen their wedding photos and portraits so frequently that I felt like I knew them before even arriving on the day of their shoot.  When I set out to leave that day, Joseph told me, "They're really photogenic and really nice. It's going to be great."  He couldn't have been more right, on all accounts.  Not only were Cristy, Eric and their newest addition, Layla, all really good looking - they also were all so lovely to spend the morning with.  Even baby Layla didn't cry once in 3 hours!  Cristy had seen how I occasionally incorporate pets into the family shoot, and had a special request for their beloved boxer to make an appearance.  He was so calm and gentle throughout, he even fell asleep with the baby laying against his stomach.  I've never seen anything like it.  I hope you enjoy this peek into the Ordner Family's first days as a new family!