Nessa + Sara Workshop - Day One // Austin, TX / by Melissa Fitzgerald

A couple months ago, I attended a workshop with two of my most favorite photographers, Nessa Kessinger [Nessa K Photography] and Sara Byrne [Dylan and Sara Photography]. I'd been following the work of these two amazing ladies for over a year when I saw the announcement that not one but BOTH of them would be teaching a workshop. And where you ask? AUSTIN!  My former home and favorite weekend getaway spot!  Done, done, DONE.  

Both of these ladies have an aesthetic and talent that literally blows me away every time I see one of their images [like for example this shot by Nessa K... sorcery perhaps?  Or these images by Dylan and Sara - I literally almost cried they were so beautiful. Like "almost printed them all out and hung them on my walls and I don't even know these people" kind of beautiful. To be less creepy, I settled for plastering them all over my Pinterest walls, true story].  So needless to say I was excited to hear them speak for two days about their methods and philosophies on their art. They were truly an open book, willing to answer any questions we had and were eager to share their work flow tips and tricks, even their editing process.  One of the greatest things they encouraged all of us to do was to network and support each other as a photography community.  Sharing advice doesn't weaken you, it strengthens the collective, which in turns lifts everyone up.  As artists, we always have something to learn and something to offer, and that willingness to share only serves to make us better.  

The images you'll see below were from our sunset session on the first day with the oh-so-beautiful and awesome couple, Taylor and Leah Muse, as our subjects.  It was a very cold, overcast day, but it was so much fun.  Myself and the other amazing 11 attendees watched Nessa and Sara work and shot around them in the process, taking chances to direct towards the end.  I'm sure Leah and Taylor have an idea of what it's like to be a Kardashian now.  I hope you enjoy this peek into day one.