Correll Family / by Melissa Fitzgerald

The Corrells are the kind of people you hope to be your neighbor and would feel lucky to call your friend.  Their Southern hospitality and charm emanated from the moment they opened the door for our session and I knew instantly that it would be a great one. The sun was out to play that day and newborn baby Charley was in calm spirits, as many babies with toddler siblings tend to be.  Charley's bundle of smiles, and mirror image of her father, sister, Kennerly, greeted me just inside with a colorful sticker that I wore for the entire session (and realized I was still wearing at a restaurant later that day).  We spent the next several hours bouncing from one soft surface or sunny spot to the next, with a myriad of sweet moments frozen along the way.  Below are a collection of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them too.