Liedtke Family / Houston, TX / by Joseph West

I've been photographing families for a lot of years, 7 to be exact. And I've come to learn that some shoots are just special.  The light, the colors, the good mood of the babies, the love of the parents (for their children and each other), all just collide and create a magic far beyond anything I could ever manipulate into being.  This was one such shoot for me.  Twins shoots are usually chaotic and filled with alternating moments of fussiness, but little Liv and Elle didn't cry once in our entire session.  Then when you throw in two adorable doodles, model-good-looks from Devon and Taylor - I thought my camera was going to break from all the beauty.  This entire session was shot in their nursery (with exception of a brief outdoor moment) because the light was just TOO. GOOD.  Thanks to the Liedtkes for being so super cool, relaxed and overall just really fun to spend the morning with!