The Mabry Family // Lifestyle Family + 6 Months // Houston, TX / by Melissa Fitzgerald

I arrived at the Mabry house thinking this shoot would be just like any other - meeting the client for the first time and slowly getting to know each other over the coming hours. But when Cynthia's bright, smiling face appeared on the other side of the door, I knew at once that this was a not a stranger, as I'd expected.  After a couple minutes of detective questioning on both ends, we figured out that we had, in fact, briefly met before and had a strong link to each other through her Uncle Al and Aunt Cynthia, who, I too, call Uncle Al and Aunt Cynthia, although they're my close family friends and Cynthia's blood relatives.  Never the less, I've heard about "little Cynthia" (as she is fondly known) for my entire life.  It was such a pleasure spending time with her lovely family and precious baby girl, Madeleine.  It was more like a morning with friends than a job - my favorite kind of shoot.  I love how small the world can be and how serendipitous this shoot was.  The love between all three members of this sweet family (and Pearl cat!) is the kind that make me look forward to having my own family someday.  To the Mabry's - thank you for letting me peer through the window of your lives for a couple of hours, the pleasure was all mine :)