The Nettles Family // Lifestyle Newborn // Houston, TX / by Melissa Fitzgerald

Oh my goodness gracious. I just have to start with how much I'm in love with this shoot.  When Charlie and Kim contacted me, I was completely booked on weekends around the time of her due date, so there was a chance this shoot could have never happened.  Had the Nettles not been so determined, they could have easily found another photographer.  Thanks to their flexibility, we found a weeknight that worked and I couldn't be more thankful that we did!  Everything was just magical.  The light was perfect, baby Mays was sleepy and their pup, Dos, was extra obedient and cooperative (as you'll see below).  Charlie and Kim are adorable high school sweethearts who are super cool, relaxed and also, the best of friends.  Their gorgeous baby, Mays, was such a sweet little guy and it's clear he's going to grow up surrounded with love.  And probably lots of labrador kisses.  Spending the afternoon with the Nettles was like hanging out with friends.  I think that's part of why each time I look at these photos, I remember it so fondly.  Charlie, Kim, Mays and Dos, thanks for being so awesome.  Enjoy this peek into the Nettles' first days as a new family.